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This git repository contains the development history of the VDR project created by Klaus Schmidinger. The original VDR sources are available at the VDR ftp server. For additional VDR information you should consult the VDR home page.

This repository contains only the original sources of VDR as they are published by Klaus. There will never be any modifications to these sources here from other contributors. This site strives for accurate git version tracking of the official VDR sources. In the slightest case of doubt, the sources on the official VDR ftp server are the reference sources.

The development versions of VDR can be followed on the git master branch. For the stable releases of VDR there are the stable/<version> branches which can be found in the heads section below.

Of course the purpose of this repository is to be cloned with git and used by contributors to setup their contribution development in own public gits elsewhere. We will be glad to add links to such sites later on. The main idea behind this site is to use the benefits of a distributed SCM system - like git - to maintain 'unofficial' contributions to VDR development. This repository represents the bridge between Klaus release model and the world of git.

Quick how to clone the tree:

VDR developer:
git clone git://
VDR stable:
git clone git://
git checkout -b stable/2.0 origin/stable/2.0
You can use 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and 1.6 as version numbers too. Use
git branch -r
to find out what branches exist in the cloned vdr git tree.
It is recommended to read the Git User's Manual and visit the git homepage to learn about source code control with git.

Contact information for the maintainers of this git tree:
git (plus) vdr (at) gekrumbel (dot) de

2017-04-09 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.3.3 master vdr-2.3.3
2017-01-31 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.3.2 vdr-2.3.2
2015-09-17 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.3.1 vdr-2.3.1
2015-02-20 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.2.0 stable/2.2 vdr-2.2.0
2015-02-11 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.10 vdr-2.1.10
2015-02-08 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.9 vdr-2.1.9
2015-02-01 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.8 vdr-2.1.8
2015-01-18 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.7 vdr-2.1.7
2014-03-16 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.6 vdr-2.1.6
2014-03-05 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.5 vdr-2.1.5
2014-01-26 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.4 vdr-2.1.4
2014-01-06 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.3 vdr-2.1.3
2013-10-19 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.2 vdr-2.1.2
2013-08-25 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.1.1 vdr-2.1.1
2013-05-20 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.0.2 vdr-2.0.2
2013-04-13 Klaus SchmidingerVersion 2.0.1 vdr-2.0.1
2 years ago vdr-2.3.3 vdr-2.3.3
2 years ago vdr-2.3.2 vdr-2.3.2
3 years ago vdr-2.3.1 vdr-2.3.1
4 years ago vdr-2.2.0 vdr-2.2.0
4 years ago vdr-2.1.10 vdr-2.1.10
4 years ago vdr-2.1.9 vdr-2.1.9
4 years ago vdr-2.1.8 vdr-2.1.8
4 years ago vdr-2.0.7 vdr-2.0.7
4 years ago vdr-2.1.7 vdr-2.1.7
5 years ago vdr-2.0.6 vdr-2.0.6
5 years ago vdr-2.1.6 vdr-2.1.6
5 years ago vdr-2.1.5 vdr-2.1.5
5 years ago vdr-2.1.4 vdr-2.1.4
5 years ago vdr-2.0.5 vdr-2.0.5
5 years ago vdr-2.1.3 vdr-2.1.3
5 years ago vdr-2.0.4 vdr-2.0.4
2 years ago master
4 years ago stable/2.2
4 years ago stable/2.0
7 years ago stable/1.6
11 years ago stable/1.4
15 years ago stable/1.2
16 years ago stable/1.0